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  • Tracie Clabaugh

"Coming together is a beginning..."

We have made many strides as an industry in Frederick County in 2018. The Land Use Council is made up of various members of the building industry that together share their knowledge and insight for the benefit of all the building  industry.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” 

– Henry Ford.

Whether you apply this to your personal life and profession or our consistent participation in local government, this quote serves as a reminder that success comes to us when we work in partnership and collaborate on issues. Cooperating and working together with members of the community and elected officials on the task force for the proposed forest conservation legislation and the proposed school construction fee increase legislation produced encouraging results for our industry and the community.

Our Board Members have spent countless hours attending community meetings, meetings with elected officials, and public hearings to promote and further the needs and objectives of the building industry. Each Board Member has taken an active role in the community and local government over this past year, especially with regard to proposed legislation that directly affected the building industry. Our Board Members remain constant providers of resources and information for the community and local government.

Reiterating what I have testified to at public hearings many times over the past year, the local economy depends on the building industry. Our members live in Frederick County, send their children to Frederick County public schools and work in Frederick County. We are excited for the future of the building industry and we encourage and look forward to working with and continuing the dialogue between our membership, County Executive Gardner, County Council Members, Mayor O’Connor, the Board of Alderman, and all facets of State and local government.

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